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Our Atelier

The Cook’s Atelier is a French cooking school, epicurean destination, culinary boutique and Wine Shop in the center of historic Beaune, France. We have created a destination for food and wine lovers that highlights the local artisan food producers and winemakers of Burgundy and throughout Europe. Our epicurean center is housed in a 17th century Beaunois building and includes a wine shop, culinary boutique, our teaching kitchen and dining room. The Cook’s Atelier is a place for locals and visitors alike to come and participate in special events around local food and wine.

Throughout our time in France, we have created a strong network of artisan food producers - farmers, organic gardeners, butchers, cheese makers, bakers, beekeepers - both to support small, local businesses as well as to give our clients the chance to see (and taste!) the best that Burgundy has to offer. Our clients come from all over the world and participate in our programs to learn more about the region through cooking and to experience the relaxed conviviality of sharing food around the table.

In the unique setting of The Cook’s Atelier, we conduct cooking classes with menus inspired by that morning's visit to the Beaune market.  Our cooking classes and workshops are informative and entertaining, as we believe that cooking should be fun, a bundle of this and a handful of that. Our style of cooking is rooted in classical French techniques, but our goal is to put the fun back in the kitchen and to inspire cooks from all over the world to bring a little bit of the Burgundian flavor of life back home. Through our instruction, we inspire confidence in the kitchen and provide the fundamental essentials of French cooking, making it approachable for today's cook, while encouraging an authentic intuition in the kitchen.  As the group gathers around the long marble kitchen prep table, we give a brief introduction of the menu, then guests tie on an apron and begin cooking. We circulate during the preparation of the meal to provide guidance and impart culinary knowledge. Once the cooking is complete, the group will be seated around the long zinc topped farm table in our dining room to toast their culinary success and savor the fruits of their labor. Guests enjoy a seven-course seasonal menu paired with local wines from the region.

Our goal is to teach our students that good cooking can be attainable, delicious, and rewarding by making the kitchen an approachable and fun place for everyone. The guests will depart the atelier with experiences that will remain in their memories long after the “lesson” is concluded. We believe that cooking for others extends the heart, and we gain great satisfaction and boundless pleasure from those who enjoy and appreciate the love of good eating.

The Cook’s Atelier is a magical place where people come together to celebrate real food, made from scratch. It is much more than a traditional cooking school, the convivial aspects and friendships that are found are just as important as the recipes. Guests come from all over the world to share in the experience of cooking together and sharing a meal. We honor the relationships that we have with the people who spend their lives growing good food and the traditions that are passed down from generations of cooks.

The Cook’s Atelier caters to both the cooking aficionado and those who simply enjoy good food, good wine, and a passion for the joie de vivre.

To make a reservation, email us at info@thecooksatelier.com

Images courtesy of Emily Johnston and The Cook's Atelier.

A Day In Burgundy

The Cook’s Atelier Day in Burgundy 

| Market Tour, Cooking Class, Wine & Cheese Tasting, and Long French Lunch |

Available year-round by reservation on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the market days in Beaune 

10 am to 4 pm; 295 euros per person

The Cook’s Atelier Day in Burgundy is a full day of exploring, cooking, and tasting. It’s designed to introduce visiting guests to the delightful gastronomic culture of the region (and to Beaune, of course!). The program includes a market tour in the heart of Beaune, a hands-on cooking class in our atelier, teaching the classics of Burgundian cuisine, and a seven-course lunch, including a cheese tasting of local fromages, and a wine tasting paired with the menu.

We meet in the morning to explore the famed local market, where we select our ingredients for the cooking class. As class begins, crisp white aprons accompany a glass of chilled bubbly. The menu is seasonal and market-inspired and highlights the small artisan food producers of the region. We prepare lunch together and learn classic techniques guests can use at home. After the cooking class in our atelier kitchen, guests sit down in our dining room and enjoy a seven course French lunch with table service, sophisticated and generous wine pairings exploring Burgundy's terroir, and a full cheese course, in celebration of the bounty of Burgundy.

Expect to learn the secrets of shopping and cooking as the French do, while tasting all that Burgundy has to offer. All instruction is in English.

Please note, our cooking classes are designed for adults and there is some walking involved.  As much as we love little ones, we are not able to accommodate them during our Wednesday and Saturday programs in consideration of the other guests participating.  Please send us an email as we can sometimes accommodate private groups with children on other days of the week.  Our cooking classes fill up very quickly.  Reservations are taken first come first serve.  Early bookings are strongly advised.

To make a reservation, email us at info@thecooksatelier.com

A Cook's Workshop

A Cook's Workshop | ONE-day Program:

850 euros

Available Tuesday, Thursday or Friday anytime of the year by reservation (excluding Sunday and Monday)

10 am to 4 pm

A Cook's Workshop | THREE-day Program:

2500 euros

Available year-round by reservation (excluding Sunday and Monday).  This program can take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday or Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

10 am to 4 pm

A Cook's Workshop | FIVE-day Program 2017:

Available year-round by reservation or you may join a pre-scheduled workshop below

SPRING 2017 | MAY 15 - 19, 2017

SUMMER 2017 | JULY 17 - 21, 2017

AUTUMN 2017 | OCTOBER 16 - OCTOBER 20, 2017

4500 euros per person for a five-day program

10 am to 4 pm (Monday through Friday)

A Cook's Workshop offers the perfect culinary program in the heart of Burgundy and gives guests a chance to learn about the culinary traditions, culture and lifestyle of the region from a cook’s view based on the season. For the more serious cook, this workshop program gives guests the opportunity to learn the specific skills of a French cook and is available as a one, three, or five-day program.

This program is designed to give you an insider’s peek into the wine and food culture of Burgundy. During your program you will learn the cook’s basics such as pâte sucrée, tarts, stocks and sauces, Burgundian classics such as escargot, boeuf bourguignon or coq au vin, as well as essentials from the French larder such as basic charcuterie or French confiture. Depending on the number of days of your program, we will also visit some of our favorite local artisan food producers as well as our local markets. All instruction is in English. At the end of each program workshop, guests receive all the recipes as well as a beautiful gift from our atelier.

This program is designed for small groups and includes intensive hands-on cooking classes and lunch with complimentary Burgundian wine pairings specifically chosen to compliment the menu from our Wine Shop for each day of the program. For more details, please email us for a sample itinerary and for availability. Please note, we open the Wednesday and Saturday portion of the program to other guests unless we have a minimum of six people for the workshop. In addition to our scheduled 2017 dates listed above, the one, three and five-day programs are also available year-round by reservation. Airfare, lodging and dinners are not included.

To make a reservation, email us at info@thecooksatelier.com

Seasonal Suppers

Seasonal Suppers 

Available year-round by reservation (can be offered as a lunch program)

7 pm to 11 pm

Up to 10 people, flat fee of 2500 euros

Our Seasonal Supper is available as a cooking class/dining experience for private groups.  After the cooking class, guests enjoy dinner or lunch at a long, zinc topped, French farm table set with crystal stemware, fresh flowers and plenty of candlelight.  The seven-course menu is market-inspired and made from scratch.  Our Seasonal Supper highlights our favorite artisan food producers and winemakers.  Guests assist in the preparation of the menu by learning the technique for the traditional gougère or perhaps the secrets to finishing the perfect French dessert.  A complimentary wine tasting from our Wine Shop is specifically paired with the menu.

For more information and to make a reservation, please email us at info@thecooksatelier.com