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Utility Kitchen Knife - 15 cm

Made in Spain

Handmade by the talented family owned company, Pallarès-Solsona, in Solsona, Spain. Crafted out of carbon steel for the blade and boxwood for the handle. The blade measures approximately 15 cm or 5.9 in in length. The total knife measures approximately 27 cm of 10.5 in in length. Each knife is unique and one-of-a-kind. All knives are sharpened and stamped by hand.

Note from the cooks: This kitchen knife is one of our favorite tools at The Cook’s Atelier. We use this everyday in our homes as well as during our cooking class. The knife is lightweight and easy to handle. Be sure to take care of the carbon steel blade by washing and drying thoroughly. Oil the boxwood handle with mineral oil when needed. It is very natural for the carbon steel to develop a patina over time. We feel this is a must-have tool in any kitchen.

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