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Copper Fish Kettle with Grill + Lid

Made in France

This copper fish kettle, or Poissonnière, is crafted from the makers at Mauviel, a small copper manufacturer in Normandy, France. This legendary copper company was created in 1830 and was founded in a tiny town known for its copper production for over 800 years. Mauviel’s copper cookware line embodies the tradition of professionalism, a certain timelessness, and continues to gain value over the years as the line is crafted using only the very best raw material.

Measures 60 x 15 cm with a thickness between 2 - 3.5 mm. Copper exterior and lined with tin on the inside. Straight edge. Easy to clean. Lightly hammered and polished outside. Bronze handles and fixed by sturdy copper rivets. Exterior hand-stamped with “Mauviel - Made in France” and “The Cook’s Atelier - Beaune, France”.

Note from the cooks: At The Cook’s Atelier, we love to cook with Mauviel copper. In fact, 99 % of the time, we reach for one of our copper pots. Mauviel’s copper pots and pans are easy to clean and conduct heat very well. This poissonnière is definitely a showstopper! We love its functionality as well as its classic traditional beauty. We use this copper fish kettle for those very special occasions when preparing a whole fish. This piece is unique and a beautiful addition to any cook’s kitchen.

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