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Petit copper sauce pan with lid

Made in France.

This adorable little pot measures 9 cm across. It has a copper exterior and is lined with stainless steel. The handle is bronze and the lid is included. Exterior hand-stamped with “Mauviel - Made in France” and “The Cook’s Atelier - Beaune, France”.

Mauviel is a small but legendary copper manufacturer in Normandy, France. It's known for its over 800 years of copper production. Like all great art, Mauviel's copperware continues to gain value over time.

Note from the cooks: at The Cook’s Atelier, 99% of the time we reach for one of our copper pots! Mauviel’s copper pots and pans are easy to clean and conduct heat beautifully. This pot is technically for melting and infusing butter, but we love using it to serve potato purée or to whip up a perfect chocolate soufflée! 

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