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A cook's garden

Archive Summer 2011

A Glimpse into Our Garden

To a cook, there is something really magical about stepping out into your own garden patch to gather ingredients for the day's cooking class or pick raspberries or currants to make confiture to preserve a little taste of summer for the cold winter months.  We are proud to share that in addition to supporting the local farmers, we are including produce from our garden on the menu at The Cook's Atelier.  We thought you might enjoy a peek into our garden at Clos de la Cozanne.  Every time I rattle down the vineyard roads in Madeleine, I am reminded of just how beautiful Burgundy is.  All along the Route des Grands Crus, kitchen gardens dot the landscape and you'll see people tending the vines or picking cherries using a vintage wooden ladder.  Hollyhocks are blooming along side the road and a colorful display of bee boxes, lined up along an ancient stone wall, will catch your eye.  Time has not stood still, but it certainly has slowed down.  Just a short drive from Beaune, through picturesque vineyards and lush, green pastures, you will find Clos de la Cozanne.  Clos de la Cozanne (aka Kendall & Laurent's home) looks as though it came straight out of a French fairytale.  On the property is a little stone cottage, quirky, but perfect in every detail.  Just a few steps from the front door, you will see the potager.  We've planted an assortment of salad greens, roquette, mizuna, épinards, ruby beets, bronze fennel, radishes, sweet peas, strawberries, haricots verts and rows of heirloom tomatoes.  There are plum, apple and cherry trees and rows of raspberries that have been tended to for over 30 years or so by Monsieur and Madame B and tiny, wild strawberries are tucked in and around the old stone wall.  To the rear of the property, across the fence, you will see a small herd of Charolais cows sunning themselves in the morning sun, free to roam and being raised in a sustainable manner.

There are plans next year to build a chicken coop for a few clucking hens and a greenhouse is on the wish list.  We are growing the good life, one little project at a time.  If you really want to eat well, get your hands dirty and plant a little kitchen garden of your own.
Care to join us?